10 Post-Run Drinks to Fuel Fast Recovery

By Matthew G. Kadey, M.Sc., R.D. – Runner’s World | Active.com

You just finished a run on a warm day and you’re hot, tired, and thirsty. Of course you could reach for your favorite neon-hued sports drink, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But runners often forget all the other options out there. In fact, research has shown that plenty of other types of beverages (some of which may already be in your refrigerator) have their own healthful qualities and can help you stay hydrated before, during, or after your run.

“Mother Nature has given us a huge range of healthy drinks,” says Molly Kimball, R.D., a sports dietitian at Ochsner Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans. “They’re refreshing and can recharge muscles and benefit performance.” And (most important) they taste good, too.

Iced Green Tea

When: Pre- or postrun and on easy runs less than an hour

Why: Green tea is a stellar source of catechins, antioxidants that fight heart disease and cancer. According to research, catechins can reduce muscle damage caused by exercise, and also speed recovery. A recent study found that people who had the equivalent of five cups of green tea daily for three months and exercised lost more belly fat than those who only exercised. Iced green tea is a tasty alternative to water on easy, short runs, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of sports nutrition at the Pittsburgh Medical Center. Plus, tea contains caffeine, which boosts speed and endurance. If you drink iced green tea often, go with unsweetened, says Kimball, to avoid taking in excess calories.

Sipping Points: Steep tea bags for at least three minutes to release more catechins. If you buy bottled, choose brands with fewer than 15 grams of sugar per eight ounces.

Coconut Water

When: Pre- or postrun or on runs of about 60 minutes

Why: Coconut water, the clear liquid found inside the fruit, contains none of the fat found in coconut milk and has a tangy, light almond flavor. Eleven ounces contain 14 grams of sugar and 670 milligrams of potassium-way more than sports drinks. “Potassium works closely with sodium to maintain water balance and helps trigger muscles to contract and relax optimally,” says Suzanne Girard Eberle, R.D., author of Endurance Sports Nutrition. Coconut water has enough carbohydrates for an hour-long run but not enough sodium for longer efforts.

Sipping Points: Coconut water, which is fat-free, comes plain or flavored with mango, orange peel, or passion fruit.

Check out the other recovery drinks.



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