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The Fargo Marathon is challenging Will Ferrell to sign up!

What’s the most interesting topic this week in running? Is it Mo Farah running under an hour and getting the European record in the half marathon? Is it the results of the Carlsbad 5,000? Maybe for some people, but for me, it’s this. The race directors are challenging Will Ferrell to run the Fargo Marathon.












Will Ferrell, for those who previously did not know (myself included), enjoys running and has completed a marathon. It was the Boston Marathon in 2003 where he ran 3:53.

Their tactic to get Ferrell to enter the race was to create a Twitter hashtag and make the Internet get behind them #FerrellRunFargo. The people of Fargo are getting behind the idea because, well, who wouldn’t? One runner in the race, although he couldn’t spell Will Ferrell’s name correctly, offered to give the actor a piggy back ride for the entire race!

The race is a little over a month away and the directors understand Ferrell may not be in marathon shape right now, but they hope he’ll come and run the 5k or just hang out. It’s a bold move. We’ll see if he shows up.