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How to Lace Your Shoes to Reduce Foot Pressure – Runner’s World

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Speed Recovery with Self Massage

Runner’s World Self Massage Techniques

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Soles
  • IT Band
  • Piriformis


Race Recovery: Ice Bath

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3 Pool Cardio Exercises


3 Cardio Exercises – Aquapro Fitness

Cold winter day? Chilly drizzle or icy roads? Go inside and get a great workout at your local indoor pool.

1. Trio kicks

2. Tuck downs

3. Travel side kicks


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Mike Smith On Long-Term Marathon Recovery

After Crossing the Finish Line

  • Take a week off both for physical and mental recovery
  • If you want to move, do easy cross training like biking or swimming
  • Week 2 run half number of days prior to the race (easy under 60 minutes)
  • Week 3 increase days to normal training
  • Week 4 add back in workouts, like fartleks (go by effort not pace)


Kinesiology Taping for General Knee Pain

Kinesiology Taping

Patella Femoral Syndrome and General Anterior knee pain

  • Pre-cut two strips with a “y” to split
  • Piece one attach to bottom of the knee and pull across (no stretch) with a crisscross
  • Piece two attach to top of the knee and pull across (no stretch) with another crisscross

Have you ever used tape for your injuries or pains?

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Pool Workout with Carrie Tolle

Pool Workout

Carrie Tolle shares one of her favorite cross training workouts. Watch this fun video and let us know how you pass the time in the pool.

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Plantar Fasciitis Solutions

Ankle Strengthening For Runners

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Gray Cook: Asymmetries

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