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Training To Be Lean

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Refuel With Chocolate Milk

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What’s In Your Fridge, Shalane Flanagan?

Shalane likes a variety in her fridge- quality protein, of course some ice cream and salty chips.

What is in your fridge?


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Dr. Jack Daniels On Marathon Hydration

Fueling During Long Runs vs. Racing

Research is now showing that limiting your carbohydrate consumption during a training run helps your body to metabolize fat more efficiently. Come race day, your body will be more efficient and better able to utilize the carbohydrate drinks.

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Power Oatmeal Recipe


Ben Greenfield’s Power Oatmeal Recipe

Looking for a power breakfast? Try this recipe. Adjust the amounts of each according to what you like.

  • On the stove begin heating a small amount of oatmeal
  • Add Protein powder (20-30 grams)
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Optional- coconut flakes, chia seeds, banana,
  • Rasins
  • Coconut milk (or yogurt / keifer: wait till oatmeal is cool if you go with this option)
  • Almond butter

What do you have for breakfast?

Runner’s World Quick Bites

If you want to loose weight, should you run long slower miles or short faster miles?


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Nutrition: Fuel for the Engine


Refine Your Eating Routine

Knowing what to eat the morning before a run varies for each person. Also depending on how far or intense your run is, you’ll want to fuel differently.

Fuel for the Marathon

  • Mix complex carbs, fat and protein
  • Ryan Hall likes sour dough bread with a little olive oil and Muscle Milk.

What have you found that works well for you?

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Shalane Flanagan: Cooking

Ryan Hall: Recovery Pancakes

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What meal to eat before a Marathon

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