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The Mental Edge

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Proper Form for Uphill & Downhill Running

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Tapering for a Race

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Workout Warmup

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Maximizing Running Performance With Age

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Dealing With Nerves

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Ryan Hall Talks Taper

Tapering Doesn’t Equal Marshmellow Mode

  • Keep up the intensity and maintain mental focus
  • Minimize the load
  • Keep strength training but with less weight
  • Focus on quality rest and recovery




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How do you Mentally Prepare? A tip from Meb

Race Day Mental Preparation

What counts is what you do when no one is watching.

  • The training miles you put in.
  • Giving your best effort at every workout.
  • Being mentally tough during practice.
  • Trusting in your consistent training, despite the ups and downs.


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Sara Hall’s Top 5 Training Tips for a Half Marathon

Half Marathon Racing Tips

1. Eat what you’re used to and know what works for you

2. Don’t over train and allow your body time to tapper and rest

3. Don’t run in new shoes/clothing on race day

4. Pace yourself and don’t let the adrenalin take over

5. Have fun! Don’t let your nerves destroy your enjoyment of the experience


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Dr. Jack Daniels On Marathon Hydration

Fueling During Long Runs vs. Racing

Research is now showing that limiting your carbohydrate consumption during a training run helps your body to metabolize fat more efficiently. Come race day, your body will be more efficient and better able to utilize the carbohydrate drinks.

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