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Natural Running Drills: Jump Rope

Jump Rope for Runners

Jump roping has several benefits for runners:

  • Strengthens your cardio vascular system
  • Strengthens your ankles
  • Helps with coordination
  • Injury prevention
  • Easy cross training workout when you’re short on time

When is the last time you grabbed a rope and jumped? Try it.

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Dr. Jack Daniels On Easy Running Versus Day Off

Is it better to run easy or take the day off?

There are several factors to consider. When deciding what is best for you, think about these two statements:

1. When you have a controversy in your mind, it is usually best to take the more conservative option.

2. If an easy 30-60min run would make you more tired, it is best to take the day off.

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Triathlon Training Tips To Make You Rock

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How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

How to ‘Work Less, Swim Better’ in Triathlon

Work less and become more efficient

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Marathoner Kara Goucher’s Tips on Revitalizing Your Run

Shalane Flanagan: What’s it Like to Run 120 Miles a Week?


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Triathlon Run Tips



Develop Efficiency in Your Run

Running Drills

  • High knees
  • Heel flicks
  • High skips
  • Side skips

Hurdle Drills

  • Stepping over
  • Stepping over with a skip


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How Ryan Hall Gets Fast

Sprinting Acceleration

1. Jog into 50 meter sprints

2. Sprint 50 meters and gradually decelerate

3. Sprint 50 (with opposite leading foot from #2)

4. Sprint 50 meters (start backwards)

5. Sprint 50 from the ground (laying down)

Winter Running Tips

Winter Running Tips – Carrie Tolle Run

Here are a few simple tips to keep you running this winter:

  • Layer properly and dress as if 10-15 degrees warmer
  • Keep feet and toes warm (wear proper socks/gloves)
  • Watch your footing
  • Don’t forget to hydrate

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Winter Cross Training for Triathletes: Snowshoe Running

Snowshoe Running

  • Your pace will be 3-5 minutes slower
  • Train according to time, not distance
  • Use poles
  • Stay warm shoe covers, gators and waterproof shoes

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