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Tips for Winter Running

Life Time Shares Tips for Winter Running

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Plyometric Exercises For Triathletes

Top 9 Plyometric Drills

1. Single leg hop

2. Depth jump

3. Bounding

4. Skipping

5. Clap push up

6. Ball slam

7. Medicine ball throw

8. Hurdle hop

9. High knees jump rope

Interval Treadmill Workout


Kelly Gonzalez- Interval Training Treadmill Workout

Get in a quality workout on the treadmill. Sometimes treadmill running can be boring. If you think this way, try a shorter workout with greater intensity for a quality workout.

Workout in Under 30 Minutes

2 min easy warm-up

20 x

  • 1 min intensity up (increase incline for a challenge)
  • 2 min recovery pace

5 minute cool-down


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Improve Your Speed with Stair Drills

Stair Drills

  • Begin with easy, slow hops, making sure to pause
  • Remove all momentum
  • Get the natural rebound going
  • Fully embrace the spring
  • Now go! Keep your heels off the ground. Quick feet with soft steps.

What do you think? What do you do for speed? Do you have a favorite routine or drill?

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Pedestal Routine


Pedestal Pointers

  • Breathe throughout
  • Engage core
  • Straight line from shoulder to heel
  • Hold each for 30 seconds


1. Prone hand stand

2. Supine hand stand

3. Side pedestal

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Release Deep Gluteal Pain with a Rolling Pin

Roll around on a rolling pin, that is it.

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Alicia Shay On How To Trail Run Safely

New to Trail Running?

  • Slow down
  • Watch where your feet are landing
  • Stay on your toes
  • Be alert for mountain bikers and others on the trails

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Common Mistakes in Trail Running


New to Trail Running

Scott Jurek, 7-Time Western State 100 winner, shares his expertise. If you’re new to trail running, avoid these two most common mistakes:

1. Being too tense and tight
Your body is rigid, you are less able to absorb shock and subsequently more prone to spraining an ankle or injury.

2. Over striding
Your body is less able to respond to the rocks and roots when your stride is too long. Your normal road running stride will not be as beneficial on the trails.

Overcome Common Trail Mistakes

Start on less tactical trails and get used to the uneven terrain. Gain confidence in your footing and remain loose.

Shorten your stride and take smaller steps. If you think your stride is too short, you might be at just right.

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Back to Basics: Arm Swings

Proper Arm Swing Form

We all know not to waste energy by swinging our arms across our body, yet it happens all the time. Have you ever seen yourself run or had someone record your stride? You might be surprised by what you’d see.


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Ryan Hall Back to Basics


Running Form Basics

Ryan Hall explains the foot strike. Try this simple drill to improve your turnover:

Dribble Ankle

  • Land flat footed
  • Circle feet around at ankle height
  • Circle feet around at calf height
  • Circle feet around at quad height


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