GoGoRunning Plans By Coach Jay

GoGoCover-V2-2I am now offering with EVERY COACHING PLAN a FREE DVD. This DVD will guide you and answer all your questions about how to stretch, eat, warmup, workout, race, do workouts and more. Purchase the customized training plan and get the DVD for FREE!

Customized Training Plans

I am ready to be your personal coach and help to keep you on track. This plan has the added ability to have your plan changed weekly and even daily to match your progress. There is a 3 month minimum and you can cancel anytime after 3 months.

  • Get your workouts delivered daily through email
  • Use our online log to track your progress
  • Learn how to correctly add core training, stretching, etc
  • Unlimited emails and Phone calls with Coach Jay

Customized Plan (3-Month Minimum) – $99.99/month


Tailored Training Plans

Gone are the days of pre-made or pre-fabricated training plans that don’t fit your needs. Tailored plans guarantee that you will have a plan that is personalized to fit your needs. These plans are for the person needing a 6-18 week training plan at a great value. If you coach yourself or you just need a little coaching direction you will find these plans are the best value anywhere. This plan can be considered a replacement to trying to figure it out yourself.

  • We have several lengths of plans to choose from
  • One initial 30min phone consultation
  • Unlimited emails

Length of Plan

18 week Plan (Any Distance) – $49.99 total

12 week Plan (Any Distance) – $35.99 total

Get Ready Quick Plan (Any Distance) – 6-8 weeks – $29.99 total

Questions? Contact me at coachjay@gogorunning.com

Coach Jay also offers personalized coaching by the hour. During this coaching he will be available in person to review stretching, drills, and core from the online GoGo Tutorials.

Hours of Personal Coaching



“GoGoRunning has helped me to stay motivated with my training and racing. I trust his training and credit the well rounded components of the program for my success.” –Justyna

“GoGoRunning knows their athletes as individuals and bases their training on what works best for them. He is not going to tell you to do something that is not going to help you reach your goals. He helped me to run my first Half Marathon!” –Josh

“I started the Free Training Plan 8 weeks ago. You really get a lot of exercise in a short period of time.  I didn’t think I could run.  I thought it was too difficult to do.  When I started I followed it exactly and after a few weeks I could jog for 10mins and now I can jog for 25mins.  That was a boost in confidence and now I think I can keep going!” –Wanda