Compartment Syndrome Tips from 1:52 800m Runner

Allen O’Neal had the pressure test done to determine if he had compartment syndrome and the test was positive. He decided not to do the surgery but instead to focus on flexibility and massage to lessen the symptoms of the compartment syndrome.

3 Tips for Running with Compartment Syndrome

1. Before running massage each calf for one min approximately making sure to get each one loose. Do some light stretching after the massage and then do the lunge matrix.

2. If the calf’s hurt during a run or workout, sit on your knees and shins with tops of feet flat on the ground to stretch them out. Also massage the calf’s a bit in between intervals after sitting on your knees.

3. After your run massage both calves for approximately one min within 10 mins of finishing any run.

Do each of the three steps everyday before running and after and it should help ease pain in calves. It may take a few weeks, but they should start to loosen up.

Also think of keeping your legs relaxed as you run. Staying hydrated seems to help my calf’s to stay loose as well. When you’re hydrated the muscles can move independently and not stick together. Being dehydrated is like trying to slide down a water slide without any water.

What are your compartment syndrome tips?


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  • By Frank, February 20, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    Your Comments
    Appreciate the information. I have been struggling with this issue for 10 years. Very frustrating. My issues are with the deep posterior compartment. Goes from one leg to the other and always returns when I increase my speed. As long as I “jog” it will usually be ok. But when I speed up and get in better shape it returns. Any suggestions on local doctor who can do the test accurately? thanks

  • By Coach Jay Stephenson, March 27, 2012 @ 6:18 am

    Brad Bushnell with Harbin Clinic is a great doc

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