By Coach Robin

Eat less, exercise more or simply focusing on calories in vs. calories out DOES NOT WORK for SUSTAINABLE FAT-LOSS! SUSTAINABLE FAT-LOSS… isn’t that what we really want? We want to lose excess fat resulting in a transformation into a leaner, more fit, and even younger looking & feeling body. Did you know every time you eat (what you choose to eat) or exercise (what you choose to do), you are turning on fat-burning or turning off fat-burning?

Weight-loss vs. Fat-loss

What’s the difference? Weight loss is loss of body weight including the body’s fat and muscle. You have heard of the different body shapes such as pear shaped, apple shaped, etc… Well if you are pear shaped and you loss weight (fat & muscle), you will simply be a smaller pear shape. Fat-loss, on the other hand, is the loss of fat and minimal loss muscle. Your muscle can change in shape (creating the leaner, more fit look) with quality, proper nutrition and short, effective exercise. You can also think of muscle as the engine driving the body’s metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more fuel/energy  your body requires throughout the day=greater calorie burn. Studies of the most popular and “effective” weight loss programs on this Slimming Pills Info website indicate that only 20% of people actually achieve short-term weight loss. Wow! That’s 80% of people engaging in weight loss programs will FAIL!  Of those who do have some short term success, only 5% will keep the weight off for 2 or more years. I don’t know about you, but I find those statistics REALLY depressing.

Combine running and golf by playing speed golf, also known as extreme golf and fitness golf. If the golf course allows, and during a slow time, grab three or four clubs without your golf bag and run to your ball in between shots. The idea is to play as many holes as possible in the least amount of time. I wanted to improve my game and play more competitively, which meant I had to commit to practice with the many things I bought at Shop Indoor Golf to play more. By the end of the summer, I kid you not, I was down just over 20 pounds.

Hormones-the body’s metabolic messengers

(You don’t want to miss this…BUT if it’s too much science for you, just skip to So what’s the plan.)

Talk hormones with me for a minute (think beyond just the reproductive hormones). Our bodies produce a multitude of hormones that we should think of as metabolic messengers that influence and effect everything in the body. Let’s focus on a handful of these metabolic messengers/hormones that tell our body to store fat or burn fat and in turn signal the body with feelings of hunger, fullness, and sometimes cravings: insulin, cortisol, adrenaline, human growth hormone, and reproductive hormones. Unfortunately,  if you have engaged in the up-hill struggle of diet weight-loss programs in the past of calorie counting and lengthy aerobic exercise, these important hormones are not being “heard” by the body. Your metabolism is not operating effectively or efficiently. According to Orlandoweekly.com, when someone is yo-yo dieting (losing some weight only to gain it and sometimes more back after a short time), the metabolic messengers that tell the body to burn fat all but shut down. What influences how effectively your body’s metabolic messengers/hormones are working? Food/fuel choices, exercise, sleep, and stress together significantly impact the body’s sensitivity to and responsiveness to these metabolic messengers.

So what’s the plan?

Minimizing stress throughout your day and getting a good nights sleep are a (very good) start. A nutrition plan (NOT a diet) including frequent meals of lean protein, high fiber, and starchy carbs in moderation combined with short, intense hybrid strength training sessions will put you on track to transform your body through sustainable fat-loss. Not sure how to get started? Your GOGO NUTRITION coach can set you up with a good starter plan or design an individualized nutrition and exercise plan just for you.



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