Find Your Race Weight

Wondering how to find your perfect race weight?

There is a great book called “Race Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald that talks about trying to run faster by finding your best race weight.  The book’s premise is that trying to reach your optimum weight should not involve starving yourself to see how many pounds you can lose before race day.  Instead it is more important to pay attention to your weight when you are running PR’s and feeling your best.  Then write down this weight and try to hit it during your competitive season.

In “Racing Weight” Fitzgerald points out that extra weight can make you run slower.  The other end of the spectrum is when you lose too much weight and lose the ability to produce enough power to maintain your best racing paces.

When you’re ready to slim down for your peak race remember that what you eat after an easy run, workout, or race plays a major role in numbers on the scale. Two easy ways to head towards a healthy goal race weight are to eat the right kinds of foods after a race or workout and to eat the right amounts of food. Of course there is a time and place for “splurging”, but if you have a weight goal it is best to avoid the “I just went on a run, I can eat whatever I want!” mentality.

Here is an idea of what you should consume after easy runs, workouts, and races to help you recover and not put on extra post run weight due to your eating habits:

Post Easy Run Snack:

  • Water- amount depends on weather, distance covered and thirst
  • 1 granola bar or piece of fruit
  • Vitamins and mineral supplement

Post Workout or Race Snack:

  • Water- amount depends on weather, distance covered, and thirst
  • Carb/Protein drink- 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein (Muscle milk, chocolate milk, Endurox, Accelerade, etc)
  • 1 granola bar or piece of fruit
  • Vitamins and mineral supplement



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