GoGo Running Basics Training Tutorial

Here are 10 quick tidbits to get you GoGoRunning:

1.   The Lunge Matrix : This video teaches you the basic lunge routine we recommend before every run.


2.    Hydration : This blog gives you pointers to help you take in the fluids necessary to run your best.



3.    Form : Check out the video to learn proper running form, and read the blog for ways to improve.


4.    Treadmill Running : This blog gives ideas for how to keep running indoors interesting.



5.   Definitions : This blog will help you understand the runner lingo you may encounter on the site.

Running Definitions


6.   Transitioning to Trails : This video helps you make a smooth transition from roads to trails.


7.   Stretching : This video gives examples of the most important stretches for runners.


8.   Workout Warm Up : This video gives an example of a complete warm up from start to finish.


9.   Core : This video shows you critical core exercises to keep you healthy and strong.


10.  Pacing Calculator : This chart will help you figure out your workout paces based on your goal race time.