GoGoRunning.com Joins “Bring Back the Mile”

GoGoRunning officially joined the“Bring Back the Mile” movement by hosting the Redmond Road Mile.  A semi-reliable source confirmed that GoGoRunning Headquarters received notification via phone call this afternoon that drug testing of all adult participants will be required at next years race.  The official statement was “El G’s records might fall…you better test them next year!”

May 19th was a record setting day.  Daniel Glick set the course record in the inaugural event that will stand for at least 364 days until next years event when he will have the opportunity to take down his own record.  Daniel’s time of 4:39 dips him under the 4:40 barrier.  He came in to the event with a seed time of 4:45.  Maybe we can get Daniel to send in his splits.

Karmen Stephenson (Employee #1 at GoGoRunning Headquarters) set the women’s mark by running a time of 5:57.  Her splits were 1:21 (1/4 mile), 1:30 (1/2 mile), 1:30 (3/4 mile), 1:36 (1 mile).

Paul Deaton set the masters mark by running a solid time of 5:16.  Check out a video of Paul here talking about training young kids.

Ruth Ference continued her excellent spring of running and triathlon racing and training (she got on the bike for additional training immediately after the race).  Ruth ran a Redmond Road Mile masters record of 7:37.  Check out Ruth here talking about her training and racing.

Providence Preparatory Academy won the Miles for Middle School competition and was awarded a plaque to display at their school.

Age Group Winners Included:

Females (40 and Over)
Ruth  Ference                           7:37            ,57,F,
Males (40 and Over)
Paul Deaton                          5:16            ,42,M,
Kyle McKinney                    5:55            ,41,M,
Todd Kelley                        7:09            ,43,M,

Females (39 and Under)
Karmen Stephenson               5:57            ,32,F,
Jessica Vihon                          6:07            ,31,F,
Alexis Headrick                       6:32            ,34,F,
Males (39 and Under)
Jim Alred                                   5:27            ,39,M,
Andy Stevens                            5:42            ,34,M,

Boys and Girls Elementary School (Ages 10 and Under)
John   Glick                        6:34            ,7,M,
Nolan Kelley                       6:54            ,9,M,
Braden Camp                     7:38            ,10,M,
Ansley Davenport             7:11            ,9,F,


Boys and Girls Miles for Middle School Mile (11-13 years old)
Clay Milford                         5:25            ,12,M
John Prosser Deaton       7:36            ,11,M,
Mason Hunter                  8:43            ,12,M,
Sarah Glick                         6:09            ,12,F,
Abigail Decker                  8:10            ,12,F,
Shea Kelley                         8:57            ,12,F,


Girls High School (14-18 years old)
Elizabeth Bressette           6:33            ,14,F,

Boys High School Invite (14-18 years old)
Daniel Glick                          4:39            ,16,M,
Zack Jordan                          4:52            ,18,M,
Jared Deaton                        5:06            ,15,M,
Elijah Glick                           5:14            ,14,M,


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