Going Out Too Fast

There are many lessons learned on the track or pavement during a race. Many of us have experienced going out to fast. Here is an entry from a running log that will give you insight how to prevent this from occurring and how to optimally pace yourself according to your current level of fitness.

Journal Entry
After a disappointing race last season I wrote this journal entry. I was so keyed up before the race to make a big break through that I ditched my race plan because I “felt good” running 2:10 for the first 800m and then I payed for it by going too deep anaerobically too quickly. I was never able to get it the race under control and a poor performance was the result.

The lesson learned was that regardless of what everyone else does there is a limit to how fast I am willing to run the first laps of a race. I think that everyone should employ some type of limit to how fast they are willing to go out in for the first couple of laps. I based mine on previous PR’s.

Race Distance Current PR Current PR Pace 400m Race Distance First Lap Range Second Lap Range
 800m 1:55.0 400m (57.5) 800m (55-56.5)  
1500m 3:54.4 400m (62.4) 1500m (60-61)  
3000m 8:27.1 400m (67.6) 3000m (65-67)  
3000m SC 8:55.7 400m (71.4) 3000m SC (67-70)  
5000m 14:21 400m (68.9) 5000m (67-69) 67-68
10000m 30:44 400m (73.76) 10000m (72-74) 72-73

Now going into a race I assess my current level of fitness and determine how fast I want to go, rather than letting the adrenaline of the race dictate my pace. I hope this lesson helps someone in their race preparation.  Check out our pacing chart to learn more about your pacing.

Have you ever gone out too fast? What was your experience?


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