How to Start Running in 3 Quick Steps

Running is a simple sport and starting to run is easy. All you need are shoes…well kinda. It is a simple sport, but I think the reason that some people find it so hard is that getting stared can be a tough process. If you make an early mistake like wearing the wrong shoes for your body, running too much or too fast, or not understanding potential injury signs and prevention, you’ll be set up for frustration.

3 Steps to Start Running

Step 1: Shoes
Buy a pair of training shoes that don’t kill your feet. Go to your local running store and get assessed for what shoe fits you the best.

Step 2: Training
Set yourself up for success with a structured training plan. For example, we have a great beginner’s training program that will help you get going even if you have never run before. The plan is free to download as a PDF or $12.99 for access to the plan through an interactive online training log. This plan was originally created for the Berry ½ Marathon, 10k and 5k. Since then hundreds of runners have completed the plan with great results.  Don’t forget to build your base of running knowledge by going through the GoGoRunning Training Tutorial.Recently, a 65 year old woman who had never run before completed the 12 week schedule and lost 22 pounds with our diet recommendations and customized training help.

Step 3: Staying Healthy

Staying healthy in running is all about not doing too much too soon and not running too fast too soon. Make sure your body is strong and improve your running form to reduce injuries.

Common Running Injuries:
We hope that if you see one of these coming you can stop it before it gets unmanageable. Watch these Injury Prevention videos:


Daily core for runners :
Start by doing 2-3mins of core exercises each time after you run.  This will help you build general strength to stay healthy.  The lunge matrix should also be completed prior to running each time you run.

Reducing your chance of injury through good running form:


Coach Jay and Josh Carson collaborated to write this post on how to start running. You know about Jay and here is some background on Josh.

Josh Carson is the Technical Sales Representative for Newton Running in the Southeast territory. Newton Running is the leader in natural running shoes today, and is one of the largest growing shoe companies in this category. Josh travels throughout the Southeast promoting and educating individuals on the benefits of Newton Running and the technology behind them. For more information on Newton Running, check out the website at

He was a collegiate distance runner at Shorter University. Josh hold PR’s of 32:30 for 10k and 15:37 for 5k.  Josh debuted in the 1/2 Marathon in 2011 running 1:12:30 and getting second in the Publix 1/2 Marathon.



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