Living a Simple Life is necessary to run fast…

There are few things more simple than running.  All you need are shoes (some people don’t even have that) and a heading.  This year has been a year of trying to simplify some things in my life.  The last several years has been a full of life markers (buying a house, starting my own business – three of my own businesses, and the best markers were 11 years of marriage and having our first child) that I don’t regret but it is time to pull in the reigns and focus on what I love doing.

I am sitting in Flagstaff Arizona at 7000ft elevation and life is really simple right now.  Even though the city has 60k people and where I live (Rome GA) only has 30k, things are much more simple here.  Even the weather seems simple, quiet, and just really still.

So here are few things that I am going to do to try to “Simplify” life and run fast.  For me this is not just about doing less but in some ways it is about doing more.  Here we go:

#1.  Sometime in 2006 I went to an online running log.  I really enjoyed this time of getting to see what others were doing and share my workouts with them.  However I think I lost some solitude in my training.  Not that I do any secret training, but my running is definitely where I get recharged and writing in my log has been my way of journaling since I started running in 1996.  Today I am going back to a paper log.

#2.  Stretching.  I understand the science of stretching as I wrote about here ( but I forgot a few things about stretching that I really need.  One is stress reduction and the other is that I think stretching allows you to work on focusing and not rushing.

#3.  Sitting and talking.  Coaching Kenyans has taught me that storytelling and just sitting around doing nothing is not only relaxing but it is good for your mind and body when it comes to recovery.  I hope to find some time just to hang out with friends and family more.

#4.  Saying NO to things that don’t fit with existing business and running goals.  In other words I will strive to make the things I do better without adding additional things to the mix.

Let me know if there is anything that you are doing to add simplicity to your routine.



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  • By Melinda, November 3, 2016 @ 6:59 am

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