Restaurant Specific Fat Loss Ordering Tips

By Coach Robin & Coach Stephanie

Italian restaurant
Stick with salads or grilled lean protein with lots of veggies. Pasta is NOT your best choice for fat loss. Most places have grilled fish, chicken, and beef options. Avoid creamy sauces & dressings.

Steakhouse restaurant
Chose lean cuts of beef, chicken, or fish with steamed vegetables and a side salad (remember to ask for dressings on the side & skip the croutons).

Mexican restaurant
Great ordering options at a Mexican restaurant are fajitas without tortillas or taco salad without the shell (ask for it on a plate or in a bowl). Skip the sour cream and go easy on the cheese.

American-style restaurant
These restaurants (Applebee’s, Chili’s…) offer steak, chicken, and fish. Make sure to ask for it grilled. There are usually a nice selection of salads. Ask to add extra protein (double the grilled chicken, fish, or steak) and leave off the fatty extras (crunchy noodles, excess cheese, etc…).

Asian restaurants
Most Asian restaurants offer steamed entrees. Ask for the sauce on the side. Go with the protein+ veggies and a few bites of rice.

What is your favorite healthy dish when going out?


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