The Shoe Fitting Process

Finding the right shoe can be a tricky process. There are 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels in your foot that work together when you walk, run, work, and play.  Typical ground impact on your body can be 1.5 to 3 times your body weight! It is crucial to be in the right kind of shoes to make your walking, running, working, and play as comfortable and injury free as possible. The fit process at GoGo is fun, free, and you don’t need to make an appointment to be fitted! It involves three steps, usually takes about 20 minutes, and allows us to recommend a shoe category for you that matches your foot type and biomechanics.  It is necessary to consider the following before selecting a shoe:

  • What you are going to do in the shoe?
  • How often you are on your feet, or how many miles are planning on covering?
  • What terrain will you be on?
  • Are going for performance or comfort?
  • Do you have any previous injuries or conditions that need to be addressed?
We scan your foot in the i-Step foot analysis machine.  From this we can examine your pressure points and determine if you have a high, medium, or low arch.  This, along with the above questions, helps us recommend a shoe category.
Next, we size you and pull some neutral shoes for you to wear during the gait analysis.  We make sure the size is correct and then we are onto the gait analysis.
Now, we do what is called a gait analysis.  If you are going to walk in the shoe we VIDEO you walking on the treadmill or in our store.  If you are going to run in the shoe we VIDEO you running on the treadmill or in our store (don’t worry there is 5,000 sq ft of store for you to jog around in).  Using our experience in biomechanics and gait analysis, we recommend a shoe category for you. If these three simple steps don’t get you in the right shoe then we just keep going until we find the right fit for you!

All staff members are well trained and experienced in gait analysis, biomechanics, shoe types, and much more so they are prepared to equip you with the best running shoes and/or inserts for your foot type and biomechanics.

You may test-run the shoes inside the store, or on our treadmill.

Our goal at GoGo is to help you find the best pair of shoes for you and have you leave the store 100% confident in your purchase.