Walking, Running, & Hiking Shoes

Protecting The FootProvide a Stable PlatformAccommodate Foot Characteristics
Protecting the foot from impact at foot strike is the most basic need that a shoes satisfies. As shoes wear out their ability to protect the foot diminishes. Typically shoes last about 400 miles. So if you wear them every day to walk around in at work and you cover 3-5 miles per day walking or if you stand 2-5 hours per day you can expect your shoes to last about 5-6 months before they need replacing.
Whether you are have a foot that is flat or a high arch the correct shoe will provide a stable platform for you foot to feel and perform the best. There are three categories of shoes: neutral, guidance, and stability. To assess your foot you will need to go through our free fit process in the store or at an event with our mobile equipment.
Every foot is unique. The characteristics to look for are:

Toe Box: Is it wide enough to accommodate foot swelling and foot movement?

Midfoot: Does it have enough stability to hold you foot in place while slight movement occurs?

Heel: Does the heel fit will enough so that it does not slip but also does not grab the heel to tight? We can show you a heel lock trick to snug up the heel if needed.

Arch: Is the arch in the right place and the right height to accommodate your arch type?

Width: Is the width correct? Widths come in 2A, B, D, 2E, 4E, and even some come in 6E. Matching up the correct width with your foot is paramount to the health of your foot.