Why are my Calves so Tight?

Are your calves tight while you run, after you run or always tight? I’ve had tight calves as long as I can remember. On and off, in different seasons of life they are looser. This season, tight. Before I can tell my calves are tight, often my achiles starts to stiffen or the bottom of my feet hurt. To remedy my issue, I’ve tried lots of stretching, strengthening exercises, espom salt baths, eating anti-inflammatory type foods and massage to name a few.

We all have our problem areas. However I have recently learned of a new treatment for tight muscles, my mind. Sound crazy? Here is how my self talk goes, “ok calves, time to relax, muscles you let go and un-knot yourself, blood and oxygen flow freely in the area.” Maybe not those exact words but pretty close.

Think about it, when you run and you notice your shoulders are tense, you tell yourself to relax. What about when your jaw is clenched or your hands are in a fist? Your mind tells your muscles to chill out. My calf self talk takes place on the run, when I’m walking, sitting around or lying in bed. The more aware I become, the more I realize how tense my calves are. Just yesterday my feet got tight on a run and instead of getting frustrated, I took a deep breath.

Mind Over Tight Calves

  • On the run, think about relaxing the tight area
  • Think of other muscles to engage
  • After the run, cool-down and stretch (being mindful again to really get the benefits)
  • In your bed, take a few deep breaths and think about the muscles relaxing

The mind is powerful and so far, this has been the best treatment for me. It isn’t something I did once though, as this is my problem area, it is something I consistently think to release.

What do you do when your tight?


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